Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Well, clearly I haven't been keeping up with the blog, and a lot has happened. So here's a summary of the last three months:
  • I hired two full-time staff members: a sys admin and a second teacher.

  • The lab now has 17 workstations. Eight of the computers are at desks facing the front, eight are in the back of the room so people can work while classes are taught, and one is the teacher's workstation at the front of the room. The last one is hooked up to a data projector.

  • There are two main groups of students: students who graduated from Royal High School last November and are in the mandatory off year before university, and current students and teachers from the high school. We're concentrating on teaching the graduates good search and writing skills, and we're teaching the high school students and teachers basic computer usage.

    The project is way ahead of schedule. Or rather, since there's never been a schedule, it's ahead of where I thought it could possibly be by this point. I'm currently in the US on a seven week break, and my staff is teaching classes while I'm gone.
Photos follow; click on each for a larger image. It's worth it.

Installing the data projector with a typical Ugandan homemade ladder:

The lab in use: