Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tech & Teaching notes

Darn... I keep on hitting "Publish" when I mean to press "Save as Draft". So here's a draft of the next blog. Think of it like one of those TV guide summaries of next week's TV shows - no useful information, just enough to whet your appetite.

* Internet speed. Only region w/o cable. Everyone's waiting for it. Like train tracks, goes BOTH ways.

* One copy of XP in Uganda. People get a copy, have no license, ask their friends for their friend's license, and it works. Hacks to stop "bad license" message.

* Learning crimping, cross-xxx connectors, etc. Bugged me at first, then realized they're just so hungry to learn that it's all find. At university, Godfrey studied computing for three years. There were 250 students and a lab with 12 computers. Mostly diagrams were drawn on the board. Took me too long to see that this was a reflection of the students eagerness to learn in an economy that doesn't support it.

* Typing lessons.

* Has to be Windows.

* The emphasis on a) general skills (Word, Excel, crimping, etc), b) drumming it into their head with no notes. Why this is & what I'd thought.


  1. Ooo, I am very ready for the next entry! The third one is pretty fascinating. I'm wondering if there are still any subjects in American schools for which students are even remotely that excited.

  2. rob, pleez bring us up to date; over a week has passed! we want to know the latest! U may have explained this & i missed it, but why is it called the S.7 project? love, kris

  3. Bobby - where are the pictures of you?

  4. Robert,
    I've lost contact with you!! So sorry. Can I find you at another blog? Xx Trish